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The kind staff, well-trained chefs and tasty food prepared from high quality ingredients mean that on a good holiday you can also eat well.
The hotel restaurant offers the following, depending on whether you choose full board, half board, or bed and breakfast:
  • buffet – breakfast
Buffet - Breakfasts at the Hotel Afrodita offer a variety of types of cereals, croissants, butter, margarine, homemade jams, chocolate spreads, pâtés, fruits, pancakes as well as a wide range of cut meats and salamis. We offer the following drinks – milk, tea, coffee, cocoa, water and a variety of juices.
  • lunch
The Hotel Afrodita offers its guests full board, with an extra payment for lunch. Choose between bed and breakfast, half board and full board.

The expert and kind staff at the Afrodita Resort will ensure you have a healthy and high quality lunch, prepared from top quality ingredients. You can arrange full board when reserving your hotel accommodation.
  • buffet – dinner
For supper the Afrodita Resort offers its guests soups, fried or cooked fish, all types of vegetables in a variety of sauces with meat, lasagne, imaginative cold salads and pizzas, so that every guest can choose from a large range of starters and main dishes from the buffet.

After dinner, guests can have something sweet with a dessert – there are fruit and chocolate cakes, ice creams as well as traditional Croatian desserts.
  • Kaštelet Restaurant
The Bluesun Hotel Kaštelet and the restaurant of the same name give guests a chance to enjoy something to eat on an open-air terrace in the hotel’s atrium and in front of the restaurant. During the summer months guests can enjoy live music, and the romantic and refined Kaštelet Restaurant will make the atmosphere of the summer evenings even better.

The scent of the nearby trees and murmur of the sea creates a romantic atmosphere that accompanies the tasty, mainly Mediterranean, food that is prepared in the kitchen of the Kaštelet Restaurant.

The spacious terrace and restaurant atrium will increase your enjoyment of the starters, main dishes and desserts in the Kaštelet Restaurant.

The Kaštelet Restaurant offers locally caught high quality Dalmatian fish. Dalmatian cuisine uses very similar ingredients to that of Mediterranean cuisine, which makes it one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

In the Kaštelet Restaurant try some fresh fish with home-grown potatoes and Swiss chard and wash it all down with some local Dalmatian wine.
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