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For children

The Afrodita Family Resort is the right place for summer fun for the young, who will enjoy themselves in the safe surroundings of the Hotel Afrodita.
Far away from the noise of cars, dangerous traffic and pollution, at the Afrodita Resort, children will enjoy the clean and unpolluted environment as well as the safe and clean surroundings.

The miraculous antique world of the Makarska Riviera

One of children’s most favourite games, during the lazy summer mornings, is definitely the game of pirates. The entertainment’s team has recognised the children’s desire for adventure, as well as children’s imagination, and turned it into a game about pirates.

Tučepi was once a real pirate centre, so it hasn’t been difficult to turn a true story into a harmless children’s game. Long ago in ancient times, the Makarska Riviera was an important naval trade route. Tučepi and Makarska were the homeland of the Illyrians, a people led by Queen Teuta.

Just the mention of her name put fear into the bones of the powerful Romans and Greeks who traded with their ships on the Adriatic. The area of the Makarska Riviera was filled with coves and rocky hiding places, which offered the pirate ships ideal protection and from where they would attack from the shadows.

The pirates would hide their little boats around the Makarska and Tučepi beaches, and without any difficulty they were able to rob large wealthy merchant ships. These raids meant that the Illyrians could live a carefree and enjoyable life.

For many years the Adriatic Sea was a place of fear. But the antique traders became a little wiser. According to Roman and Greek legends, they hid the most valuable articles in special compartments in their boats that only a few crew members knew about, and about which Teuta knew nothing. In this way they wanted to stop her getting hold of other people's fortunes.

Although no one can confirm it with certainty many believe that the coastlines of Tučepi and Makarska hide shipwrecks full of valuables. The Adriatic Sea hides its treasure in the flora and fauna as well as in a variety of fish and shellfish which dwell on its seabed.

Those with an adventurous spirit might like to listen to the call of the wild and dive into the wonderful Adriatic underwater world. Tučepi and Makarska have many diving clubs for adults and children. Who knows, perhaps you or your child will discover a boat full of gold, one that many explorers and lovers of adventure have been looking for.

Until then, enjoy the stories from our entertainment’s team.
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